The Fashion and Beauty Workshop

A few weeks ago I had a huge fashion workshop with 3 photographers, my “standby” make up artist J’adore Kitty, 5 models and 6 different themes, with 3 outfit each….pheeeew, long days and fab work happened! I promise, I will fill you in on all the details soon, but till then, just a little bit to tease your stylish selfs out there! 😉

My beloved photographer of BlazePhotoArt just gave me the first sneak peek, and as I am soooo pleased with the result, I had to share this with you guys. And can I get a big virtual hooray for the ever so stunning Miss Freya Shah please. I couldn’t ask for a more professional model!

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Hello lovelies!

I have some fab news for you. From now on I am on team of the super Fashion156.

Trust me, if you are interested in fashion that is your ultimate destination.

One click and you are up-to-date with the latest trends.

As a start let me show you my recent fav post from the site, ladies and gents: Alexander McQueen! At least a bit of his incredible work. 

Truly one of my most admired ones. 

Do you like his visions? I certainly do!