The Fashion and Beauty Workshop

A few weeks ago I had a huge fashion workshop with 3 photographers, my “standby” make up artist J’adore Kitty, 5 models and 6 different themes, with 3 outfit each….pheeeew, long days and fab work happened! I promise, I will fill you in on all the details soon, but till then, just a little bit to tease your stylish selfs out there! 😉

My beloved photographer of BlazePhotoArt just gave me the first sneak peek, and as I am soooo pleased with the result, I had to share this with you guys. And can I get a big virtual hooray for the ever so stunning Miss Freya Shah please. I couldn’t ask for a more professional model!

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Trick or Trinket

Hey there everyone,

I also have a little commitment to fulfil, as on one of my last shoots I was lucky enough to use some fab hand-made jewellery, which I am sure that all you stylish ladies would be interested in.

So why not check out the superb work of Trick or Trinket, hmmm? Hand crafted and one off pieces of spell infused trinkets and jewellery. Custom orders taken on request as well.

The piece I worked with was a huge, chunky, all girly pink-purple bracelet with a cute butterfly tag, as I needed something “statement”.

Safe to say we all went crazy on it!


The Dollies



The day has come lovelies, the amazing “Forgotten dolls” are ready, and I really do hope you will like them.

All the hard work, the “months of planning”, organising, I must say I am proud and happy.



You have seen bits of the “collection” before here and there, therefore this is also just a little recap, a small selection, but if you are craving for more, head over to my Facebook page ( or move over to my portfolio here.

Once again, standing ovation to the amazing team:

Photographer: Buddhika Dissanayaka of BlazePhotoArt
Make-up: Elaine Barrow
Styling: me 🙂 Edith K of Edith by Design
– Lucy Lorraine Scarfe
– Katie Louise Stones
– Helena Sätter