Hello lovelies!

I have some fab news for you. From now on I am on team of the super Fashion156.

Trust me, if you are interested in fashion that is your ultimate destination.

One click and you are up-to-date with the latest trends.

As a start let me show you my recent fav post from the site, ladies and gents: Alexander McQueen! At least a bit of his incredible work. 

Truly one of my most admired ones. 

Do you like his visions? I certainly do!


Rihanna for River Island

Fun facts about E:

I like Rihanna…

But this is just rubbish, and this is the second attempt now.

After the ever so anticipated, but not exactly ground breaking first part, the second aka summer collection stayed under the bar too. 


I probably have never seen so many ugly and boring clothes under one roof. 


This collection is dull, and I would certainly not pay a single penny for it. Saying that being a proper shopaholic/collector, which means that I do buy all the “special editions” purely for the joy of owning it, but this is just not working.


Well, see for yourself, but these pieces will  certainly be missing from my wardrobe, and I kinda am proud of myself for this!


E xx

Hello Lovelies!

What an unfortunate event: my old blog site is shutting down, and as of today I am not sure whether I can retrieve all the things happened there or not.

Either way, a new platform needed, so here it goes!

I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as you loved the old one.

I will try my very best to give you a glimpse on this so called “fabulous and stylish” world of mine.


E xx