This Is War?

How’s everyone doing out there? I know, I know… long time, no see, I truly feel bad, but so much happened… can’t wait to share it with you all guys though.

Lots of small and few huge changes in my life. Had the craziest summer of all time, got my degree, travelled, fell in love, found an amazing cause, met fantastic peeps who truly changed my life, so yeah, it’s been a blast!

Not to mention LFW (as in London Fashion Week) is approaching like crazy, sooo super excited to experience it for the first time of my life. I promise I’ll keep you posted on all the juicy details.

In the meantime, how about a sneak peek? Remember that huge workshop we had? Well, summer is almost over, so all us industry “slaves” (of course we are willingly enslaving ourselves, as we all madly in love with this fab and crazy world of ours)  are back to work, which means photos are arriving from my fab photographer, finally! 🙂

Here’s a little teaser for you. One of the many many shoots we had taken a few months ago. What do you think of this “military look”? Yey or ney? I personally love military, wait till you see the rest of the work!




Photographer: Buddhika Dissanayaka of BlazePhotoArt
Make up: Kitti Majer of J’adore Kitty
Styling: Edith K of Edith by Design
Model: Shannon Harrison


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