The Old Blog

After shut down here’s what I have managed to save from the old blog… a piece of the history… on a weird timeline… literally.


A doll in the woods

Not too long ago I had the pleasure to work with an amazing team. You have seen the backstage of a long and challenging day, and now, enjoy the results. Well, the first bits.
The amazing Lucy Lorraine Scarfe styled by me for the “Forgotten Dolls” shoot with my “home photographer”, Buddhika Dissanayaka ( and with the fab work of Elaine Barrow MakeUp Artist (
Stay tuned , as two more ladies are hiding in the woods, but if you are nice, they will come out to play.
Creative team:
Photographer: Buddhika Dissanayaka of BlazePhotoArt
Make-up: Elaine Barrow
Styling: Edith K of Edith by Design
Model: Lucy Lorraine Scarfe


Makeover Shopping
May 18, 2013
As I have said a few times before, personal shopping is much more challenging than fashion styling. You must leave a bit of your creativity at home, as you probably won’t be able to push all your ideas through on your customer. If you are lucky she or he is ready and willing to change, and happy to rely on your guidelines. That is what happened on my last personal shopping session. After a few pre-talks we found the path for Kitty’s new style, (as this is how I do it… for me it is extremely important to get to know you, find out what do you like or dislike, so we can build up a hole new version of you) she was super pleased with it, so on the day we could just hit the mall and spend some fantastic time in different dressing rooms. 😛
It is amusing for me to see the expressions when I grab something really wild, which no one would probably ever try to match up, and when the customer tries and likes it I just love to make the “I said so” face 😛 And I must admit, nothing makes me happier when I see someone walking confident in my “creations”. Girl-power, I guess?! 😛
If you ever find yourself in need of some personal shopping/styling feel free to contact me:


Kayleigh Falcus Jewellery
May 9, 2013
I recently had a chance to use Kayleigh’s fantastic work on my shooting, and after we all have seriously fell in love with these stunning pieces I thought I draw your attention to her wicked jewellery.
My shoot theme was “urban warrior” so I went for feathers, collars etc. but never in my wildest dreams I expected to have a necklace made of real chicken (I think so) bones! Absolute one of a kind.
If you want something truly statement piece, I suggest you to check her


The Big Summer Workshop

Working in the fashion business is the most amazing adventure, and on those rare occasions when you get a chance to share the madness with your friends, who are happened to be industry professionals too is just like finding water in the desert.

After weeks and weeks of organising, planning etc. my fab MUA friend managed to cross the sea for me, so we can do some shootings.

We decided to pick a few of our fav themes lately and do multiple outfits, so we did a bit of ghetto, military, monochrome, neon, burlesque and baroque together.

Two days of extremely hard work with my incredible photographer (to whom I can’t be grateful enough) resulted in some pretty wicked photos. A bit of a backstage for now, just to tease you till the retouch works its magic. 😉

Standing ovation to my team on this!
– Buddhika Dissanayaka of BlazePhotoArt
– Katie McAtackney
– Paige Young

Make up: Kitty Majer of J’adore Kitty

– Freya Shah
– Shannon Harrison
– Jekaterina Frolova
– Molly Chisholm


The Camden Warrior
Oh boy, what a day…. Shooting well planed, all in advance… so you can imagine the feeling when all of your models start cancelling about 24 hours before the day. And you are standing there, cancelling everyone about 4 hours before. shooting time, and you have no idea what to do, where to go. We almost gave up, then we found the most amazing girl hiding in a tiny Costa, and magic just happened. Behind the scenes, till the photos arrive.

Huge thank you to my ever so amazing team starting with our model!

Photographer: Vicky Gray Photography (
Make up artist: Rose Bud (MUA –
Styling: Edith K (Edith by Design:
Jewelry: Kayleigh Falcus (


The Vogue Festival 2013
What an inspirational day…. a few of my most admired industry “superstars” under one roof. Here’s a little recap of what happened at the Southbank Centre over the last weekend of April.
Cara Delevingne – Queen of the queens.
I love her, she is the perfect supermodel of the century… not to mention; smart, witty, funny… a joy to see every single time.
Alexa Chung
Such as Cara; Alexa is another extremely inspirational person in my life. She has it all, both in and out… you just gotta love her!
Mario Testino
What an amazing man! Incredible artist, a visionary professional who turned fashion photography upside down. All from Peru… He knows the industry as only a very few does. Listening to him was the most interesting “journey”, I have learnt a lot… I mean a LOT!!! Genius!!!!


 Behind the scenes with the puppet dolls
Apr 20, 2013
Oh my… what a day we had at the ever so stunning Severndroog Castle.
I had the pleasure to work with an amazing team on a puppet dolls themed shooting, and I have to say: it was a blast! Can’t tell you how much fun we had!!!
I really think we did a great job, absolute hurray to the amazing Buddhika Dissanayaka of BlazePhotoArt (click: and to the wonderful Elaine Barrow (click:
Also let me express my greatest gratitude to the dolls:
– Katie Louise Stones
– Helena Sätter
– Lucy Lorraine Scarfe
If you ever in need of fab, perfect, hard worker models… you need one of these ladies!
And a big, huge thank you to Trick or Trinket for the wonderful jewellery!!! (click:
You can see the results soon on our pages, till then, head over to the “blue book” (yes, Facebook) and check what happened behind the scenes.
And brace yourselves, as the Camden warriors are getting ready!!!
E xx

Shooting Beauty – 30/03/2013

Apr 4, 2013

My official kick off…. what can I say? It was just amazing!!! Shooting Beauty is the best place to go, if you want to build, or even just boost up your portfolio. Let’s start with their fabulous team. Helpful, friendly, professional…. really give you the glimpse of how this business works.

The location was just perfect, really inspired me, especially for the noir. Not to mention Marie Claire has been there just before us. As I was on my way to Manchester from London the following day I couldn’t carry my own wardrobe with myself, but I found their wardrobe perfect. Plenty of clothes, accessories, shoes. Even if you are a starter, the chances you’ll end up with awesome photos are great as they literally provide everything… coffee too. 😛

As a stylist there I had the pleasure to have a sort of wardrobe assistant with me for my shoot, as their stylist was happy to take this part for me. Really enjoyed working with her. My models were just amazing, and again: being a model is probably one of the toughest jobs in the world. Few years ago just for fun I was “tortured” the same way and no kidding’ I was literally dying! So big R.E.S.P.E.C.T to my ladies.

Stephanie was my noir model, the minute I saw her I knew she is the one! Her eyes, her skin tone… not to mention her can do attitude. She was there to make my vision alive, even if that meant she had to stand in 15 cm heels for hours. Oh, have I said they were two sizes bigger? 😛 Then my photographer…. pro and fun… gotta love the guy!

Melanie, my boho princess also worked damn hard. Bare feet, with no bra, against the wind machine… need I say more? Such a beauty, crazy hard worker… I think we got some fab shoots.

If you are in need of any advice, or don’t know where to, or how to start that is the agency you need. After the shoot we went through all the images, built a story from them, and chose which one I’m keeping. A stylist and a manager were sitting there with me, giving their thoughts, opinion about my work, my ideas, which I always find extremely helpful, especially when it comes from industry professionals, not to mention, when they are pleased with what they see, as fortunately, that is the case here…. pretty proud.

Had a blast, and will work with them again!
In case you want to see the whole day photographed head over to Facebook, and search for my page: Edith by Design. Leave your thoughts, comment, share, like, join the community and always be stylish.
E xx


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