Mario Testino for MATE

Now this is the OMG! Mario Testino is one of my most inspiring artists. I adore his work and I admire his personality. Such a creative, amazing person. I recently had the pleasure to enjoy his panel at the Vogue Festival, and safe to say I learnt… a lot!

So obviously I was super excited about his collaboration with (or more likely for) And I must say I am delighted with what I see. Literally, I have no words for all the designs, colours, fabrics! I must love (and buy) them all!!!!

The whole collection was inspired by the vibrant costumes and artisan craftwork captured in his iconic Alta Moda pictures. Trust me, worth google these images, if you haven’t seen them so far!

Not to mention that a percentage of each sale will be donated to the Testino’s Lima-based charity, MATE. Genius man! 

My personal favs below, but I am always interested in your thoughts, so comment here or on my Facebook page!









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